Automated ACH (eCheck) or Credit Card Payment

A minimum deposit of $200 (optional $500 or $1,000) is required for your MVR account. When your balance is $50 or less, the system will automatically generate a draft from your bank account on file in the amount of $200 (optional $500 or $1,000), update your MVR account and send you an e-mail confirmation along with a copy of the draft for your records. It will take approximately 2 to 3 days before the deposit shows on your bank account but the money will be available immediately in your MVR account.

 ACH Authorization Form

Watch Your Own Account

If you choose to Watch Your Own Account, you can add funds to your MVR Account with an ACH (eCheck) payment (no fee) or *Credit Card Payment (convenience fee applies)

Please note, if you choose to Watch Your Own Account and there are no funds available in your account you will not be able to run a Motor Vehicle Report until you make a payment.

*There is a convenience fee for payments made by Credit Card. There is no fee for check payments.

Marked fields * are required fields.

If you are paying the deposit by check, please enter the following:

1.Completed MVR Application

Application for Employers  

Application for Insurance  

2. Copy of the Business or Insurance License

3. Copy of the Business Owner’s Driver’s License

4.Copy of Federal ID Certificate

5. Signed W9 or a Tax Slip

6.If you are paying by check, a copy of your deposit check in the amount of $200 (you can void the check) along with the ACH Authorization Form. Fax to 718-407-1422 or scan and email to